Above: "Nara Visa Thunderstorm" by Jake Werth, this year's honorable mention in the landscapes category.

“Each year I look forward to my brother visiting New Mexico. His visits are an opportunity for us to travel around and photograph the unique places that the state has to offer. On this day we decided to head to Cabezón to explore the various volcanic features of the area. We were hoping for one of those epic sunsets to materialize, but there was not a cloud in the sky. We were about to head home just as the sun was going down. Suddenly we saw this scene with the moon rising above the sunlit peak. This is the magic that is New Mexico.” —Jim Stein

Landscapes Category Collage1st Place: The Moon over Cabezón Peak, Jim Stein
2nd Place: Bisti Milky Way, Jake Werth
“This is a supercell thunderstorm over the Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Nara Visa. A storm chaser took me to the town, and everything came together as the storm,  the church, and the sunset aligned.” —Jake Werth

3rd Place: Aloof, Jerad Armijo
​Honorable Mention: Nara Visa Thunderstorm, Jake Werth