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Ghost Towns

Discover the allure and hidden stories of New Mexico's ghost towns and delve into their history, charm, and the people who still call them home. 

Ghost Towns / Jun 30, 2021

Good Haunts

Abandoned, barely there, or rebounding with new purpose, towns, hotels, and restaurants all across the state hold secret treasures: the stories of…

By John Mulhouse / Photos by Andrew Kornylak

Ghost Towns / Jul 07, 2021

Chloride After the Boom

When silver went bust, the miners of Chloride fled, leaving buildings that visitors flock to today.

By Kate Nelson / Photos by Andrew Kornylak

Ghost Towns / Jul. 14, 2021

Dining with the Dead

New Mexico cuisine sometimes comes with a curious question: You want some frights with that?

Ghost Towns / Jul 21, 2021

Sleeping with Spirits

Clayton lays claim to a few ghosts, including one who may roam the hallways of the Hotel…

Ghost Towns / Nov 18, 2019

Artisanal Roots

Monticello might look like a ghost town, but in December it shows off its entrepreneurial…

Ghost Towns / Jul 14, 2021

The Grass Was Greener

The Río Puerco Valley once sheltered Ancestral Puebloans and, later, Hispanic ranchers. Only small signs of life remain.

WHERE CR 279 BREAKS SOUTH from US 550, between San Ysidro and Cuba, centuries of history emerge. The craggy knob of Cabezón Peak, the remnant of a 1.5-million-year-old volcanic eruption, looms to the