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In one small community, parishioners accomplished what could be a miracle: the $1 million renovation of Tomé’s Immaculate Conception Church.

By Kate Nelson / Photos by Jay Hemphill

History / Nov 16, 2022

A Church Worth Saving

The oldest church in southern New Mexico could have melted into the earth. Thanks to one woman’s leadership and an army of helpers, it gleams…

By Kate Nelson

History / Mar 22, 2023

The Stolen Smith Family Totem Pole

The ceremonial piece, taken from the Tlowitsis Nation in British Columbia, is currently displayed at UNM's Hibben Center.

RISING A TRIUMPHANT 41 FEET INSIDE THE HIBBEN CENTER on the University of New Mexico’s Albuquerque campus, the Smith Family Totem Pole traveled a long and controversial route from the Tlowitsis Nation

Where to Stay / Mar 22, 2023

A Time Traveler's Retreat

Punch your ticket to luxury in a 1920s Pullman train car that’s been restored to its…