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Eat & Drink

Eat & Drink / Oct 06, 2021

Four Delicious Ways to Fall for Squash

Autumn delivers a bounty of squash varieties, which just happen to pair well with New Mexico chile.

By Johnny Vee / Photos by Douglas Merriam

Eat & Drink / Aug 16, 2021

Ted's New Mexico Grill

An afternoon cookout at Vermejo, a Ted Turner Reserve, blends New Mexican flavors with back-to-the-land goodness.

By Aaron Gulley / Photos by Jen Judge

Eat & Drink / Nov 18, 2020

Recipes for a Thanksgiving Dinner Feast

This year’s holiday still means family and food, even if our tables are far, far apart.

By Johnny Vee / Photos by Douglas Merriam


New Mexico Food


Eat & Drink / Jul. 07, 2021

Haunted Heat

Ghost peppers deliver a delayed kick.

Eat & Drink / Oct. 22, 2020

Fruits of Labor

Photographer Douglas Merriam follows migrant workers through the chile harvest in Hatch.

Chile / Oct. 14, 2020

Chile by the Numbers

Here's everything you want to know about the New Mexico chile pepper—from the Scoville scale and the number of species…

Breweries & Bars


Eat & Drink / Mar. 07, 2019

The Next Generation of Local Winemakers

A new generation is remaking New Mexico’s wine industry—one bottle at a time.

Eat & Drink / Aug. 07, 2018

Wine Taste Your Way to Taos