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Contributors' Guidelines

Editorial Guidelines

Our Scope

New Mexico Magazine is about the power of place — in particular this place: more than 120,000 square miles of mountains, desert, grasslands, and forest inhabited by a culturally rich mix of individuals. The magazine is an enterprise of the New Mexico Tourism Department, who strives to make potential visitors aware of our state's multicultural heritage, climate, environment and uniqueness.

Frequency and Demographics

New Mexico Magazine is published monthly and has more than 100,000 qualified readers. About one-third of our audience lives in the state. The rest live elsewhere in the country. On average, our out-of-state readers visit New Mexico twice a year.

Stories We're Looking For

We're looking for story ideas about New Mexico experiences, with opinionated storytelling and a first-person point of view when appropriate. The story should capture a place in such a way that readers are inspired to follow in the writer's footsteps. Therefore, they need to be about things our readers could (conceivably) do right now. For example: What's it like to spend the night at a wolf sanctuary near Gallup? How does a person go about attending a bona fide mountain man gathering in the 21st century? Where are the best hot springs? What are the most fun small towns you've never heard of? We also put an emphasis on covering areas throughout the state.

In each issue, we want to publish a lively editorial mix, covering both the down-home (like a diner in Tucumcari) and the upscale (maybe a new bistro in world-class Santa Fe). We also want to explore the gamut of the Old West and the New Age. History stories are great — our readers love them — but they should include information on how to enjoy a historic place in the present day.

Writers We're Looking For

We're looking for writers — both in New Mexico and elsewhere — who are adept at establishing a theme then sustaining a story with fresh eyes and true insight. We place a premium on good storytelling, tight composition, and factual accuracy. Also, we expect original work.

Please submit your story idea along with a working head and subhead and a paragraph synopsis. Also include published clips and a short sum-up about your strengths as a writer. Once you throw your hat into the ring, our staff will consider your proposal as well as your potential to write stories we've conceptualized in house.

Note: We do not publish unsolicited manuscripts and accept no responsibility for returning unsolicited work of any kind.

Send your material to: (Please embed your pitch in the body of the email. Send clips as attachments or links.) or:

New Mexico Magazine
Lew Wallace Building
495 Old Santa Fe Trail
Santa Fe, NM 87501-2750

No phone calls, please.

Rates and Specifics

Payment is processed upon acceptance. Pay is roughly 35-40 cents per word.

Photographer Guidelines

New Mexico Magazine features high-quality images from a variety of sources for our monthly publication and annual Adventure Guide. We obtain these images from freelance photographers on both stock and assignment basis. Please note that our editorial calendar is scheduled approximately one year in advance.

A sample of your work and a list of topics that you have available for stock purposes should be submitted to the address below. This will give us an idea of what you might have available for illustrating upcoming issues, and your specialty for assignment consideration. We also have a few opportunities each year for freelance photographers to submit for themed photo portfolios.

Please review all the information below before submitting samples.


You may email Art Director John McCauley at with a link to your website.

Please, do NOT send images as email attachments. Digital images on disk are also accepted. Low-resolution JPEG images are acceptable for review purposes. If images are selected for publication, New Mexico Magazine will request high-resolution files at that time (see Image Requirements below). Please label the disk(s) with your name and contact information.

Please do not send original slides, transparencies, negatives or irreplaceable prints for any initial reviews.

New Mexico Magazine will not be responsible for the return of these unsolicited submissions unless return postage and a mailer are provided.

The address for submitting images is:

John McCauley, Art & Photo Director
New Mexico Magazine
495 Old Santa Fe Trail
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501
Phone: (505) 827-6453

Image Requirements

Digital: For publication, New Mexico Magazine requires an original capture of at least 300 dpi at 8x10 when opened in Photoshop (typically covered by a 6 MP camera shot at full resolution). High-resolution digital images will be converted to TIFF CMYK.

Make sure your name is in the “author” or “copyright” field in the metadata, to ensure proper credit and payment. A contact sheet with 8-12 thumbnails on a page are requested for all digital images.


Digital: Include caption information in the “description” field in metadata, and/or as a text file included on the disk.

Film: Basic caption information can be written on the mount. A caption sheet keyed to the images with additional information is preferred. Do not key 35mm images on slide sleeves as they will be removed during review. Images will NOT be accepted unless accompanied by proper caption information. Captions should include all pertinent information, who, where, what is being done, detail of items shown and any historical or enlightening information.

Below is an example of a complete caption:

The slide mount or file could read “Nambe Falls.” The “description” field in metadata, or the additional caption sheet, should include more information such as: Nambe Falls, located 22 miles northeast of Santa Fe National Forest, is a popular recreation area run by the Nambe Pueblo. Majestic cottonwoods and a double-drop waterfall make Nambe Falls an ideal site for camping or a picnic. Nambe Lake is open to the public for trout fishing from March to November.

Model Releases and Photo Permits

Model Releases must be obtained by the Photographer if close-ups of people or artwork are submitted. Copies of the model release or photo permit from a pueblo or reservations should be submitted along with the images where applicable.

Assignment Rates

Day Rate $450.00
(New Mexico Magazine will not pay for film, processing, holding fees or travel expenses in accordance with State of New Mexico contractual regulations.)

Stock Rates (per image used): Less than half-page: $60.00 Half-page but less than full: $80.00 Full page: $90.00 More than full page: $100.00

Cover: $300.00

Multi-media Guidelines

As storytelling expands to the Web, opportunities abound for videos and audio slide shows to capture the rich culture of New Mexico. We welcome contributors with talents that include filming and editing video, shooting photography, capturing audio, and composing audio slide shows. If you would like to propose creating multi-media content for in conjunction with a written or photographic assignment for the print edition, please propose this content in your query letter per the instructions above. If you would like to create multi-media content as a web exclusive, please email with your proposal. Pay for multi-media content will be negotiated in consultation with each contributor.

We look forward to working with you and thank you for your interest in New Mexico Magazine.