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Outdoors / Apr 07, 2021

Common Backyard Birds

Look around. Some of the best bird-watching happens right outside your window.

By Jim O'Donnell

Outdoors / Apr 21, 2021

Become a Better Birder

Join the flock of regular folks helping to advance avian research and science.

By Jim O'Donnell

As a birder, ecologist, and graduate student at the University of New Mexico, Loggins works to conserve vital river and shoreline environments.

Desiree Loggins works to advance conservation efforts, such as those at the Valle de Oro National Wildlife Refuge. Photograph by Stefan Wachs. WHEN BIRDS MIGRATE thousands of miles, they follow

Birdwatching / Apr 25, 2019

Meet Our State Bird

The roadrunner has been New Mexico's state bird since 1949. Meep meep!