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Road Trips / Jun. 12, 2024

Road Trip on These Scenic Byways

New Mexico features 25 magnificent scenic byways, totaling more than 2,900 miles across a diverse landscape. Hit the…

Travel / Jun. 12, 2024

Your Guide to Traveling Slow

In "Slow Travel New Mexico," writer Judith Fein and photographer Paul J. Ross celebrate immersive travel experiences in…

City Guides / May. 06, 2024

Breaking Trail in Socorro

New options for outdoor recreation, patio dining, and galaxy gazing make Socorro a must-visit this summer.

Outdoors / Jun 05, 2024

Running with the Pecos River Current

With a new glamping resort and state park, the Pecos River Canyon is primed for anglers, campers, and outdoor adventurers. But a proposed mining operation has many fearful of what else may be on the horizon.

THE FIRST FISH CATCHES US BOTH BY surprise. I’m practicing flicking my rod to set the fly into a deeper stretch of the Pecos River when the indicator twitches. I tug back, just attempting to unhook

Where the Mountains Meet the Town

Head to Red River, hidden in the mountains and brimming with adventure.

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Explore San Juan County

Fish, raft, hike, bike, and explore the wonders of San Juan County.

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Roadside Stops

History / Apr 24, 2024

On the Lookout

Created by Domenico "Professor Dom" Poglianich, CimarrĂ³n's Lucien B. Maxwell statue's…

History / Dec 27, 2023

Branded with History

Discover the history of the cattle brands on the south and west doors of the 1892 Eddy…

History / Nov 29, 2023

A Spectacle to Behold

Constructed by artist Steve Teeters in 2002, the giant metal Buddy Holly glasses can be…

Unique Stays

Where to Stay / Mar. 01, 2023

Eco-Stays to Help You Unplug

Get back to nature without giving up any of the amenities.

Where to Stay / Mar. 08, 2023

Try These Dome Sweet Domes

Gain a new perspective at these shapely retreats.