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Road Trips

Pack your bags, fill your tank, and gear up for loads of adventure, history, and family fun on these New Mexico road trips.

Road Trips / Nov 08, 2023

Check Out These Hot Wheels

Even if you don’t need a fill-up, Russell’s Travel Center is a must-stop on any road trip.

By Gregory R.C. Hasman

Road Trips / Jul 20, 2022

This Roadside Standoff Is Huge

The sibling rivalry between ranchers Mark and Mike Marley is on display for all to see—at least for those traveling US 285 south of Vaughn.

By Greg Hasman

Road Trips / May 25, 2022

Trek Back in Time

Visit ancient volcanoes, dino tracks, and ghost towns in northeast New Mexico.

By Laurence Parent

Where to Stay / Mar 15, 2023

Stargaze at Hotel Luna Mystica

At Hotel Luna Mystica, a galaxy of vintage trailers with distinctive personalities make your stay one to remember.

ONE, THEN ANOTHER, AND ANOTHER. Every minute, a shooting star streaks through the velvety black sky over the backdrop of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. That’s especially true in August, when my

Road Trips / May 25, 2022

Take the High Road to Taos

From churches and chile to artisans and adventuring, the road from Santa Fe to Taos will…

Road Trips / May 25, 2022

Southwest Silver Rush

Strike it rich with forest trails, ghost towns, and a heaping helping of chile.