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Native American Culture

The Wheelwright Museum celebrates the Abeyta family of Diné artists, who interpret the colorful present by connecting with a turbulent past.

By Ungelbah Dávila Shivers / Photos by Ungelbah Dávila-Shivers

The latest generation of Diné weavers push their tribe’s traditional art outside the loom—sometimes throwing it away altogether.

By Ashley M. Biggers / Photos by Minesh Bacrania

Native American Culture / Nov 25, 2020

Running to Make Great Strides

Wings of America teaches Native Americans how to compete as runners—and how to live with pride and grace.

By Ashley M. Biggers / Photos by Steven St. John

As director of the annual Santa Fe Indian Market Indigenous Fashion Show, Amber-Dawn Bear Robe curates what we see and what we wear.

AMBER-DAWN BEAR ROBE WAS GIVEN HER SIKSIKA NAME, Many Butterfly Woman, from a relative’s dream. In it, a tepee was covered in butterflies, but as the dreamer approached, the butterflies took flight,

Native American Culture / Feb 05, 2020

Indigenous Masters

Non-Native photographers have long staged pictures of Native people, but a contemporary…