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Native American Culture

From traditional art forms to ancient history, discover the vibrant heritage and enduring traditions of the Indigenous peoples of New Mexico.

Native American Culture / May 06, 2024

Josh Fournier is a Stand-up Dude

The comedian is carving out a place for himself on the national stand-up circuit, joke by joke.

By Molly Boyle

Nature & Wildlife / Apr 24, 2024

Joe Saenz Makes Connections with the Land

Joe Saenz, council member for the Chiricahua Apache Nation, leads treks via Wolfhorse Outfitters.

By Jennifer C. Olson / Photos by Jay Hemphill

Native American Culture / Apr 24, 2024

Putting Culture on the Catwalk

At the first-ever Native Fashion Week, Indigenous designers get ready for a close-up on their own turf and their own terms.

By Maria Manuela / Photos by Tira Howard

Sponsor Content / Mar 20, 2024

Follow IndigenousWays

Experience the IndigenousWays Festival, a vibrant celebration of Native American and Indigenous cultures. Witness the talents of artists from…

By Sponsor Content: IndigenousWays Festival

Native American Artists

Native American Culture / Aug. 24, 2022

The Story Behind a Jemez Storyteller

Fifth-generation potter Dominique Toya (Jemez) shares the story of watching her mother, Maxine Toya, create a male…

Native American Culture / Aug. 17, 2022

A Badger Paw Claws Though Time

Potter Melissa Talachy Romero (Pojoaque) is inspired by a Badger Claw water jar to recall the day she uncovered and…

Native American Culture / Aug. 10, 2022

Ko'o Paa* and the Spirit of the Clay

Evone “Snowflake” Martinez (San Ildefonso, Cochiti) connects with a canteen by Maria Poveka Martinez and Julian…

Native American Culture / Aug. 10, 2022

Memories of an Acoma Potter

A self-taught traditional potter, Claudia Mitchell (Acoma) recognizes a shared past—a living past that is her present…

Native American Culture / Aug. 03, 2022

If a Pot Survives, a People Survive

Las Cruces artist and writer Diego Medina (Piro-Manso-Tiwa) reflects on the Tortugas jar and its significance to the…

Native American History

Native American Culture / Mar 29, 2023

Ancient Enigmas

The ancestors of Pueblo and Diné people left evidence of a rich and sometimes dark history…