"We put a lot of love into making the Harvey Smashburger at Bar Castañeda," says Chef Sean Sinclair. "It’s one of the most memorable burgers you’ll ever have. From sourcing whole beef for the patty to making the buns from scratch, a lot of steps make this simple dish special."




Dill pickles





1 cup mayonnaise (we use Duke’s Real Mayonnaise)

1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce

1 medium dill pickle, minced

½ cup ketchup

1 tablespoon black pepper

1 tablespoon celery salt


  1. Portion 5.5 ounces of beef into a ball and season it with salt and pepper, then smash it onto the griddle. The smashing creates a lot of surface area for the Maillard reaction, which makes the beef crispy, brown, and delicious.

  2. Get a good sear on the first side. When you flip the burger, top it with some green chile and the cheese, then put a lid on the pan so the cheese melts. I cook burgers in this method to medium well.

  3. Toast and lightly steam your buns, then sauce both sides generously. I like my toppings on the bottom bun—trust me on this. Layer two or three pickle slices, the red onion, tomato, and then the lettuce. Top with the burger.


  1. I use Sweet Grass Cooperative beef, which you can buy at La Montañita Co-ops in Albuquerque and Santa Fe. The grind they produce is fantastic and delicious. Get something with some fat content. I usually shoot for 80/20.

  2. We make our buns from a Japanese milk bread recipe adapted for high elevation. Hit up your favorite local bakery and see what they have for buns. I like something that steams well, and most grocery stores carry a brioche or Hawaiian bun that would make a decent substitute.

  3. Get ones that come from the refrigerated section. Those sour pickle chips that are thin and green and over-acidic will ruin a good burger. Pick something you’d be happy to eat as a salty snack and it will really complement your burger.

  4. Bibb lettuce is my preference, with some thinly sliced raw red onion. For tomato, I use a product from Growing Opportunities, an Alcalde-based hydroponic producer. They have the best out-of-season tomatoes you’ll ever taste!

  5. Use Tucumcari Mountain Cheese’s Green Chile Cheddar.

  6. For chile, I buy a lot in the fall and store it, but Young Guns, from Hatch, is a good substitute.

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