Above: Berry Beef: it’s what’s for dinner.

Since the first Berrys, John and Patrick, came to the territory of New Mexico and registered the Quarter Circle B Brand, the Berry family has been carrying on the ranching tradition at their ranch just east of Ratón. The grass in that region has extremely high protein content due to the rich volcanic soil of Capulin Volcano. It was only recently, however, that they began to sell their USDA-certified all-natural grass-fed beef, made from really happy cows (no feedlots, hormones, or antibiotics, ever), directly to restaurants and meat lovers across the state.

In 2017, Landon Berry, rancher, roper, and legendary bronc rider, and Matthew Oakeley, a second-generation rancher and now entrepreneur, launched Berry Beef LLC.  The two cowboys were roommates at New Mexico State University, where they began hatching a business plan to sell beef directly to restaurants from their dorm. Two short years later, they have grown their clientele across central and northeast New Mexico. “Everything we have is born and raised on our ranch,” says Oakeley. “We watch the calves mature, so we know the consistency in quality is always there.”

Berry Beef sells all cuts of steaks, ground beef, beef sticks and jerky—as well as specialty cuts like tongue, liver, and kidney—online. Restaurants, including Joe’s Diner, in Santa Fe, carry their product. The duo also has a booth at the Santa Fe Farmers Market, open every Saturday, from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.