Book cover for Miles to Go by Brennen MatthewsMILES TO GO: AN AFRICAN FAMILY IN SEARCH OF AMERICA ALONG ROUTE 66
Brennen Matthews (UNM Press)
Author Brennen Matthews chronicles an eye-opening road trip with his family from Chicago to California. The New Mexico chapters include insights into Tucumcari, Santa Fe, Albuquerque, Grants, and Gallup.

Cover of Girl Flees Circus by C.W. SmithGIRL FLEES CIRCUS
C.W. Smith (UNM Press)
Girl Flees Circus
 is the inaugural novel by Hobbs native C.W. Smith in UNM's Lynn and Lynda Miller Southwest Fiction series, which rockets readers into a 1920s southeastern New Mexico on the brink of an oil boom.

Cover for What We're Reading: The Ballad of Plácida Romero by A.E. RolandTHE BALLAD OF PLÁCIDA ROMERO: A WOMAN’S CAPTIVITY & REDEMPTION
A.E. "Bob" Roland (Museum of New Mexico Press)
The Ballad of Plácida Romero
 details the title character's escape from one of the last Apache war raids in the late 1800s.

Poet Tommy Archuleta wrote "Susto" after his mother's death.SUSTO
Tommy Archuleta (University Press of Colorado)
Poet Tommy Archuleta's book Susto focuses on the traditional art of curanderismo and the journey through loss and grief.

Cover of The Half White Album by Cynthia J. Sylvester.THE HALF WHITE ALBUM
Cynthia J. Sylvester (UNM Press)
Author Cynthia J. Sylvester's collection of short stories takes readers on a journey led by a band from the Dinétah.

Doña Cleanwell Leaves Home by Ana CastilloDOÑA CLEANWELL LEAVES HOME
Ana Castillo (HarperVia)
Doña Cleanwell Leaves Home
 is author Ana Castillo's latest collection of short stories where she invents domestic dramas from Chicago to Mexico, revealing decades-old household secrets and the women who must navigate them.

Cover of "Water for the People The Acequia Heritage of New Mexico in a Global Context" edited by Enrique R. Lamadrid and José A. Rivera.

Olivia Romo (UNM Press)
The essays in "Water for the People" highlight acequia history and culture and remind readers that water is life.

In "New Mexico Fiestas," historian Ray John de Aragón details the historical reasons and sacred rituals behind New Mexico’s fiestas.NEW MEXICO FIESTAS: A HISTORY OF MUSIC, DANCE & FANDANGO
Ray John de Aragón (The History Press)
Historian John de Aragón explains the historical reasons and sacred rituals behind New Mexico’s fiestas.

"Thin Skin" by author Jenn Shapland.THIN SKIN
Jenn Shapland (Pantheon)
Jenn Shapland's Thin Skin is a deeply felt collection of essays that sharply examines New Mexico and beyond.

Darryl Lorenzo Wellington’s "Legible Walls: Poems for Santa Fe Murals"LEGIBLE WALLS: POEMS FOR SANTA FE MURALS
Daryl Lorenzo Wellington (Stalking Horse Press)
Santa Fe's sixth poet laureate Daryl Lorenzo Wellington pays tribute to the city's vibrant public art in Legible Walls: Poems for Santa Fe Murals.

New Mexico Poetry Anthology 2023, edited by Levi Romero and Michelle Otero

Edited by Levi Romero and Michelle Otero (Museum of New Mexico Press)
A selection of poems from the New Mexico Poetry Anthology 2023 defines the essence of the Land of Enchantment.

Explore New Mexico's essence through a collection of books capturing its literary tapestry, arts, history, and people, stretching from north to south.