➤ Please burn cancer.

➤ I want to forget my military memories and be happy in my civilian life.

➤ My negativity, needing more money, not being able to do more, my not wanting to travel, not being able to do the things I want.

➤ Evil goathead weeds.

➤Please take the pain away from my daughter and give it back to its sender. Please bring her a man worthy of her love and devotion and may he give it back to her 1 million times over.

➤ I hate math class. My teacher is mean to me.

➤ She makes me want to cry.

➤ Larry’s inability to see me. May this burn [because] I am worthy of someone who sees me. If he can get help and wants me back, please allow the fire to bring him back. If he used me and cannot love me fiercely, please let this intention burn as well. Allow someone to come to me who matches my love and my absence. Burn him!

➤ Resentment, anger, and jealousy.

➤ I want to burn the 25 pounds that I gained during the pandemic! Not literally of course. Just the idea that I no longer need this weight and that I no longer have to shove comfort food in my mouth or drink alcohol to escape all of the gloomy news. I will shed the weight and feel better.

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