Above: Elevate your morning coffee with this handmade ceramic mug from Whiskey & Clay. Photograph by Inga Hendrickson. 

WHEN FILLED, THIS MUG'S raw clay and black glazed handle recall the colors and heat of a West Texas desert. The outside of the large Marbled Desert Mug ($40) is left raw to remind your fingers of touching the earth, connecting you to the fire and sand that form the handmade ceramics at Whiskey & Clay, in Santa Fe. Owner Kimmy Rohrs pours black glaze in and out of the mug before firing it in a gas kiln, which allows it to organically drip and paint the piece. “There is a peacefulness in a mug—a sort of stillness that I feel every time I’m alone in the desolate desert landscape,” she says. “I attempt to imitate that landscape to take me to that headspace, even just for a moment.”