Above: Casey Farina's Vestiges features a choreographed dance. Photograph Courtesy of Currents New Media.

A hanging forest of Korean paper that sounds like an ocean when you press your ear against it. A marshy wetland where fossils come to life. These are the kinds of installations Currents New Media Festival brings to seven venues throughout Santa Fe—Form & Concept, Art House, Axle Contemporary, El Museo Cultural de Santa Fe, Meow Wolf, the Interplanetary Festival, and the Railyard Plaza. This month, co-executive and artistic directors Frank Ragano and Mariannah Amster celebrate their 10th year of Currents with 100 national and international artists.

What is new media?
FR: New media is a very broad term. Our focus is on the art side and how artists are using technology to express themselves. In some way, the artist is using a digital tool, or technology.
MA: It can include digital prints, 3D-printed objects, robotics, VR, and AR, and interactive is a big thing.

What immersive or interactive installation can we expect to see at Currents this year?
FR: We’re showing a piece by virtual reality artist Jakob Steensen called Reanimated. He worked with archaeologists to reanimate fossils in this outdoor prehistoric environment. It’s incredibly beautiful and otherworldly. There will be a large area with mulch covering the ground so you get this feeling of walking on an island covered in plants and moss.

What is the best time for families to attend?
FR: Anytime is good—especially either night of the opening weekend. We have really great performances.
MA: We’re also working on having a few free days. Keep an eye on the website for details. Last year, opening night had about 3,000 people and there were tons of kids.

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Currents New Media
June 7–23; $5; 20 and under free. Hours and locations at currentsnewmedia.org.

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