A GROWING ONLINE COMMUNITY looks to New Mexico Magazine as a trusted source on all things New Mexico. We know the people, the places, the art, and the food, and our goal is to share that with as many readers as possible. Learn more about our digital advertising opportunities below.

Best Practices

  • Images: Send a variety of images and let our graphic design team guide you in your selection.
  • Words: Keep it short, sweet, and on-point. Think about what will grab the reader's attention. It could be an eye-catching product or an attention-getting deal/discount. 
  • Hashtags: Include only relevant hashtags. Hashtags can increase your visibility if used appropriately, but can also distract the viewer. 
  • General Notes:
    • Space must be reserved one month in advance, and all materials must be submitted at least two weeks prior to run date.
    • Copy needs to be in third person.
    • We have the right to review and eliminate any photos, due to quality or fit with brand aesthetic.
    • All images need to be owned by the advertiser.


Digital display – Medium Rectangle

  • One 300 x 250 px image
  • One link
  • One-month duration 

Digital display – Leaderboard

  • One 728 x 90 px image
  • One link
  • One-month duration 

Digital display – Skyscraper

  • One 300 x 600 px image
  • One link
  • One-month duration 

Website Advertorial 

  • 6-month duration: 30-day promotion on the home page and 5-months on the website 
  • 600 words maximum 
  • One link
  • 1-3 high resolution images (no logos) for production

Instagram Ad

Social Media

Facebook Post 

  • 150 word maximum 
  • One link
  • One 1200 x 675 px image

Twitter Post 

  • 280 characters maximum, including hashtags
  • One link
  • One 1200 x 675 px image

Instagram Post

  • One post for one-month duration
  • 100 word maximum, including hashtags
  • Maximum of two unique posts per month
  • 1080 x 1080 px image
  • 1-3 photos
  • No ads, logos, or text on the image


Digital display 

  • 300 x 250 px image
  • One link
  • Subject preview line add on:
    • Available with purchase of newsletter display ad 
    • Up to 90 characters maximum
    • Subject to availability

Sponsored Newsletter 

  • 450-600 words 
  • At least 3 images will be used (no logos); it would be helpful if you send us up to 10 images to choose from.
  • 1-3 links
  • Layout is determined by our art department


Mobile App Banner Example



Digital Edition Ad Banner 

  • One-month duration
  • Layout determined by art department
  • Sized according to platform
  • 1 image or logo
  • 8 words maximum