FREANNA FRISIAN YOGHURT spells its product name the European way, with an “h.” That’s because the Clovis-based family business came to New Mexico from the Netherlands, where milk from Frisian cows produces a thin, pourable yogurt, which the company sells in plain, honey, and agave flavors. In 2003, seventh-generation dairy farmers Sjierkje and Andle van der Ploeg moved to Clovis; nine years later, they introduced Sjierkje’s beloved yogurt recipe to the marketplace. (Consider using the plain variety to make probiotic-rich salad dressings, and the slightly sweeter ones to gussy up granola.) “It’s the natural product, with nothing added,” says Karla, their daughter and marketing director. “In my dad’s mind, the cows are top performers. You need to feed them right, just like athletes.” The family empire includes the Freanna Farm Store, in Clovis, which sells yogurt, cream-top milk, and Andle’s homemade berry jam. Look for the van der Ploegs to continue expanding: Last year, son Jeroen opened the Milkshed, in Portales, a farm-to-table store that focuses on locally produced foods.

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Find Freanna Frisian Yoghurt ($6 for 32 ounces) at La Montañita Co-op stores and via Albuquerque’s Skarsgard Farms