Above: Stagger Lee Goods' Hijos del Sol apron includes hand-crafted details such as slanted welt pockets and cross-back leather straps. Photograph by Inga Hendrickson.

SOMETHING PERSONAL IS WOVEN INTO Alfred Ramos’s blue Hijos del Sol apron ($189)—and he has Albuquerque designer and bandanna maker Nicky Ovitt to thank. The makers met at a craft market in 2017 and became friends. Ovitt suggested a collaboration featuring Ramos’s Mexican heritage. “She just went off on this crusade,” says Ramos, who was impressed by Ovitt’s vintage-inspired designs and packaging. For Ramos, the cotton-twill fabric’s Oaxacan figures conjure childhood memories of agave grown on his uncle’s ranch and eating nopales and eggs for breakfast. “These have a significant meaning for me,” says Ramos, whose Stagger Lee Goods features details honed by his time spent in the restaurant industry and with a custom men’s clothier. The slanted welt pockets, for example, were inspired by World War II bomber jackets. The snug cross-back leather straps are preferred by his bartender clients, who are continually reaching into beer coolers. “And it just looks cool,” he says.

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Look for Alfred Ramos to use Nicky Ovitt’s bird figure in a limited run of bison-hide wallets. His full line of aprons and leather goods can be found at staggerleegoods.com.