NESTLED ON A CORNER of the historic Las Vegas Plaza, Weave + Gather is a captivating fusion of art, tradition, and community. “I’ve pulled all my interests in life into one place,” says Rachel Relin Haswell, who co-owns and operates the shop with her photographer husband, Jim.

An artist, weaver, and textile educator, Haswell has transformed the space with Moroccan rugs, indigo textiles, vintage clothing, jewelry, candles, syrups, and other New Mexico artisanal treasures. “I love curating,” says Haswell, who also sells her own clothing brand, Luz, and her weavings from the in-store loom. She plans to offer classes and workshops as well. “I get to meet amazing local artists, discover their stories, and share them with anyone who walks in.”

A New York native, Haswell spent four years teaching weaving at the Museum of International Folk Art, in Santa Fe, before moving to Boulder, Colorado, to teach art at the Friends School. On a sabbatical to Morocco, she fell in love with the country’s woven rugs and indigo textiles. “It’s [the weavers’] way of telling a story and passing on knowledge to their families and future generations,” says Haswell.

Clockwise from top left 1. Vintage Mali (Dogon) indigo textile, $150; 2. Vintage Mali mud cloth, $175; 3. Laura Shubert Gardening New Mexico bitters, $10; 4. Monk Oil palo santo skin potion, $30; 5. Tree of Life Studio luna-moth baby onesie, $32.

But after three years of operating Weave + Gather in Boulder, she needed a change. A visit to friends in Las Vegas made her realize what was missing. “I had an out-of-body experience where I thought, This is my home,” she says.

The couple then bought a historic farmhouse not far from the Plaza and, in November 2022, opened Weave + Gather. The store melds diverse elements—from the colors of Morocco to the traditions of New Mexico—to create a unique experience. “Everything that we have has intention behind it,” she says. “When it’s handmade, it’s special.”

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Visit Weave + Gather at 200 Plaza St., Las Vegas, or on Instagram.