CUSTOMERS HAVE BEEN COMING to The Shed, in Santa Fe, for extra-piquant chile since 1953. But, as general manager Frank Carroccino says, “The stew seems to hit people differently. It’s served quite hot, too, so it’s the whole package.” The steaming bowl of fire-alarm-worthy chile, cubed pork, and creamy potato chunks, sided with hearty slices of garlic bread, is as flavorful as it is spicy. Despite the heat level, staffers report that customers rarely leave a drop uneaten. Chef Josh Carswell, whose family has owned the restaurant for generations, says the recipe came from original chef Connie Carrillo, and the stew evolved from an employee in the 1970s who thought it needed meat and potatoes. “People use it as a cure for everything,” Carroccino reports. “Cold season, allergies, you name it.” After you’ve sopped up every bit, try a slice of the frozen mocha cake for a cooling refreshment.