Hard Days Ride, Jim Shepka (above)

"I was fortunate to be at the stables of the Hyatt Regency Tamaya Resort when a group of staff and volunteers returned from an evening ride. It’s a rare thing when timing, circumstances, and lighting all come together, but even more special to be in the position to take advantage of the opportunity to capture moments like this." —Jim Shepka

New Mexico Experience grand prize winner "Inn at the End of the Street," Augustine Fernandez.


Inn at the End of the Street, Augustine Fernandez

"On this winter evening, I embarked on my daily stroll to the plaza, intent on capturing the anticipated iconic New Mexico sunset. With a clear concept in mind and hopeful for the dissipating storm clouds, I secured this Taos sunset. Fresh snow had just fallen, and the clouds were dispersing as the sun descended. Equipped with my camera and a 200mm lens, I opted for a composition technique known as compression, which makes the foreground smaller and the background larger. I zoomed in for the perfect frame and captured the moment. In the photo, the last light of the evening illuminated the fresh snow. As hunger struck, I spotted The Taos Inn and decided to combine a beautiful sunset with a delicious meal, adding to the charm of a chilly Taos evening." Augustine Fernandez

"Shadows and Birds Over San Francisco de Asis Church" by Robert MacDougall won 3rd place in the Experience category.


Shadows and Birds Over San Francisco de Asis Church, Robert MacDougall

"This church has been painted or photographed by almost every contemporary artist—amateur and professional. Yet, every time I photograph it, I find something new. On this occasion, I was thrilled with the dance of the birds, the light, and the deep shadows on the church as well as the white crosses against the dark sky." —Robert MacDougall

"Ballet of Balloons" by Austin Harvey placed Honorable Mention in the Experience category.


Ballet of Balloons, Austin Harvey

"This photo is of two hot air balloons floating along a riverbed. The balloons are owned by Donnette Ford and Tom Kious. This specific day, they were training pilots and I was able to take this photo from above using my drone." —Austin Harvey

"Electric Roadrunner" by David Turning placed Honorable Mention in the New Mexico Experience category.


Electric Roadrunner, David Turning

"I was returning to Las Cruces when I ran into an active thunderstorm that had heavy rain and lots of lightning. A few miles out of town, I drove out of the rain and began to think of a subject to photograph with the lightning. Just up ahead of me was the rest stop with the iconic recycled roadrunner, so I pulled off, set up my camera and took this image before it began raining on me again." David Turning


For the eighth consecutive year, Tularosa Basin Gallery of Photography, in Carrizozo, will host an exhibit featuring the winners. The opening weekend, January 27-28, includes artist appearances and refreshments. As the largest photo gallery in the state, Tularosa Basin Gallery features the work of more than 40 New Mexico photographers Friday through Sunday and by appointment.