Above: We won gold for this beauty in the June 2018 issue. Photograph by the staff.

We’re proud of every issue and consider our biggest award to be the readers whose loyalty has sustained New Mexico Magazine for 98 years, but it’s also nice to win an award or two. Or 15. In October, the International Regional Magazine Association gave us four gold, seven silver, two bronze, and two awards of merit that covered writing, design, photography, and art direction for stories that we published in 2018. Take a spin down memory lane and see for yourself the caliber of work you support with your loyalty, for which we are eternally grateful.


  • Nature and Environment Feature: “The Four-Legged Dude,” about coyotes, by Dan Flores
  • Travel Feature: “The Lifeblood,” about a Puebloan river guide, by Ashley M. Biggers
  • Art and Culture Feature, “The Fire Still Burns,” about La Luz Pottery, by Kate Nelson
  • Food Department, “Tasting,” by Gwyneth Doland, inga Hendrickson, Douglas Merriam, John McCauley, John Clary Davies, and Kate Nelson


  • Magazine Writer of the Year, Kate Nelson (for the second-consecutive year and third year overall)
  • Historic Feature, “To Touch the Soil,” about Bosque Redondo and the Navajos’ Long Walk, by Kate Nelson
  • Essay, “Found(ation),” by Rose B. Simpson
  • Single Photo,” White Sands,” by Jen Judge
  • Illustration, “The Four-Legged Dude,” by Michael Byers
  • Art Direction of a Single Story, “Home Made,” by John McCauley, John Clary Davies, and Kate Nelson
  • Cover, “Makers,” by Minesh Bacrania, John McCauley, John Clary Davies, and Kate Nelson



  • Overall Art Direction, John McCauley
  • Food Feature, “Greatest of the Grate,” by Cheryl Alters Jamison, Douglas Merriam, John McCauley, John Clary Davies, and Kate Nelson

The International Regional Magazine Association is a nonprofit association composed of 28 magazines from across North America. To evaluate the achievements of member magazines, it annually selects a panel of industry experts from outside of IRMA who choose winners from a pool of submitted entries. Find a complete list of award winners on their website.