At press time, the popular website offered this helpful information: “New Mexico is one of the Mexican States found in western Mexico. The state is a part of the Mountain States, and one of the most sparsely populated states. The state is called the land of enchantment because of its magnificent and attractive scenery, rich art, music, and richness of culture that are not [like] any other state in Mexico.”

When John Maher arrived in Albuquerque and called his car insurance company to make sure he was covered until he found another insurer, silence was the initial response on the other end of the line. The insurance agent then finally said, “I’ll have to ask my supervisor if you’re covered outside the U.S.” Before Maher could answer, he was put on hold. “When she returned to the phone,” Maher said, “I was informed that, since I was out of the country in New Mexico, my policy did not cover me.”

Jennifer Allen and her husband live in Portsmouth, Ohio, and recently bought a vacation home near Santa Fe. She went into their local Ohio bank, which also has branch offices in New Mexico, to wire their homeowner’s association fee to Los Alamos National Bank. The teller asked her where the bank was located. When Allen told her that it was in New Mexico, she said, “Oh, that would be an international transfer.” Allen explained, “No, New Mexico is a state in the U.S.” The teller disputed that. Allen further clarified that it was located between Arizona and Texas, “and she just looked at me like I was crazy.” Finally, another teller corrected her and then took over the task.

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