Above: Illustration by Chris Philpot.

T-shirt faux pas have been legion of late, at least when it comes to transplanting saguaro cacti in our enchanted midst.Despite the fact that the plant grows only in Arizona and parts of Mexico, Robert Ball found a T-shirt emblazoned with them in a Jackalope store in Santa Fe. The maker got the outline of the state of Arizona right but then labeled it “Santa Fe, New Mexico.” Mando Medrano, who lives in La Unión, was surfing the web for New Mexico T-shirts when he found a nicely priced one in cheery bright colors, but with at least six saguaro cacti. Undeterred, he kept hunting, only to discover the same saguaro design on shirts for Wyoming and Colorado. Here’s the kicker: The company that makes them is named Lost USA Tees. “Poor fellows,” Medrano says, “they really are lost.”

Pat Morrow lives in Illinois, but some years back she was an Albuquerque resident who worked for an arm of the U.S. Department of the Interior. Whenever she talked by phone with the office in Washington, D.C., one colleague kept asking if she ever got to travel back to the States. “It took quite some time to convince her we were here already,” Morrow says.

Juliet Anson sent us an email saying that she works for British Airways and was interested in knowing more about Butterfly Park for her upcoming trip to Mexico City. When we responded that our coverage of travel amenities is limited to those in New Mexico, she replied, “Thank God I’m not a pilot!” Still, she said, she loves our magazine. Wherever it is.

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