News You Can’t Use

Paul and Cathlynn Groh of Santa Fe recently saw an advertisement for home delivery of The Wall Street Journal. So Paul emailed the paper’s customer support to inquire. Despite its onetime slogan as “The Daily Diary of the American Dream,” WSJ responded: “Thank you for your message inquiring about delivery of The Wall Street Journal in New Mexico. ... Please be advised that delivery is only available in the continental United States.” Oh well, we can dream, can’t we?

Great Texpectations

In the waiting room of a doctor’s office in Pueblo, Colorado, Dan Dorrance was getting to know a fellow patient. The Texas man wasn’t familiar with Dorrance’s hometown of Ratón. When he explained that Ratón was just down the highway, in New Mexico, the man replied, “Oh, is that a big country?”

Grin and Bear It

During his time in the University of New Mexico’s dental hygiene program—pre-internet—Marty Robertson and his classmates were given an assignment: Write to two states requesting applications for licensure. One student received an unfavorable reply. A return letter flatly stated that applications from outside the country were not accepted.

Hairy Geography

Larry Hynes was getting a haircut from his barber in St. George, Utah. As he told the stylist of his plans to build a home in Placitas, New Mexico, another customer interrupted the conversation. “Do you speak the language?” he asked.

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