Above: Illustration by Chris Philpot.

Brent and Savannah Perea often travel from their home in Dallas, Texas, to visit relatives in Lovington. While preparing for a recent trip, Savannah asked her Alexa, “What is the temperature in Lovington, New Mexico, for this weekend?” The all-knowing device responded, “What city in Mexico?” The Pereas looked knowingly at each other, then shared a good laugh.

Several Floridians alerted us to a Tampa Bay Times oopsie. The newspaper ran a few photos of the acclaimed Tony Duncan performing traditional flute music and hoop dancing at the James Museum of Western Wildlife and Art, in St. Petersburg. Unfortunately, the caption said that Duncan’s traditions “originated with the Taos Pueblo culture in Mexico.” “Missed it by that much,” Lorraine Olson said. Millie Parker even formally requested a correction. She’s still waiting.

Sandra Allison Ashcraft thought she scored while shopping for board games near her home in Ruidoso Downs. There on the shelf was Ruidoso Downs-Opoly, a localized version of Monopoly with real estate for sale that included Grindstone Lake, Mechem Drive, and Ski Apache. “I bought one, knowing that my grandkids will get a kick out of it,” she said. Only later did she turn the box over to find this printed on the bottom: “How do you make a game about the seaside city of Ruidoso Downs, New Mexico?” The Cincinnati-based maker, Late for the Sky, “might want to consult a map,” Ashcraft said.

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