Illustration by Chris Philpot. 

There's Nothing On Anyway

After moving to Truth or Consequences, Marlene Eichner tried to set up a TV antenna to get local reception using an app for an RCA product. The first step asked her to enter an address so that the scanner could find the nearest towers. But when she did, the app responded: “Not in U.S.” “Clearly,” she says, “our signals have been lost.”

Two Tokes Over the Line

Albert Lubran lives near Colorado Springs but loves to vacation in New Mexico (and he loves this feature). While taking an online survey, he answered “Colorado” for his state of residence but was then asked to identify which part of Colorado on a county-by-county map. It included a sidebar indicating the major cities within some of the counties, and here’s where it gets weird: It claimed that Montezuma and La Plata counties—the ones that everyone else thinks contain Cortez and Durango—are in fact where Albuquerque and Santa Fe can be found. Rocky Mountain high, indeed.

Chile Reception

Steve Scarano was checking out of a grocery store in California’s San Diego County when the clerk noticed a package of macaroni and cheese among his picks. She immediately recommended that he try the store’s brand, which, she said, contains Hatch green chile. Scarano told her that he loves Hatch chile and even grew up not too far from Hatch. Clearly puzzled, the clerk said, “I didn’t know that is a place. Where is it?” “I got the opportunity to provide a short course in New Mexico geography,” Scarano said, “to the chuckles of the shoppers behind us.”

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