All Trails Lead to ... Utah?

Spanish Fork, Utah, resident Garth Bird is used to getting books in the mail from his friend in Santa Fe, Steve Barnett. But when someone at the postal hub in Albuquerque read no further than Bird’s hometown, a package that Barnett sent to him went north (along the Old Santa Fe Trail and beyond) to the international sorting facility in Chicago, presumably headed for Spain. An alert employee spotted the misdirection and sent it (along the Old Mormon Trail) to Utah, causing the Priority Mail Express parcel to arrive more than a week late. One of our 50 was missing, but this time it was Utah!

Cabin Fever

Albuquerque’s JaNaan DoMeyer was booking a hotel room for a wedding in Michigan when the clerk asked for her address. After Domeyer said the city’s name, a long pause ensued, so she asked if the receptionist wanted her to spell it. She replied, “Yes, please. That’s in Michigan, right?” When Domeyer told her it was in New Mexico, there was another pause, and then another question. “Do you live in cabins?” the woman asked.

What a Tangled Web

California resident Patrick Gallegos has a Google Nest security camera at his second home, in Santa Fe. When it needed an update, he called Google support and politely said, “I’d like to review my account for my home in Santa Fe, New Mexico.” The person replied, “So you want to talk about your subscription for your house in Texas?” Rather than snidely telling the rep to “just Google it,” he asked to speak to another customer service member.

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