Illustration by Chris Philpot. 


A 1972 graduate of St. Pius X High School, in Albuquerque, LOUIE CASTORIA was hanging out at the Ace Hardware in Half Moon Bay, California, when a bicyclist came through for provisions. After he had regaled the locals with his plan to bike through each of the lower 48 states, Castoria asked the traveler if he’d already been through New Mexico. “I’m only going for the lower 48,” the cyclist responded. Thinking he’d been misheard, Castoria repeated, “New Mexico.” The response was the same. Let’s hope the guy isn’t trying to find Hawaii right now!


Sandía Park resident CINDY CARSON was visiting Oakhurst, California, where she attended a benefit dinner. Needing to call and check in with her mother back home, Carson noticed her phone had lost reception in the mountains. “Use mine,” said a friend, who then paused. “Wait, are you going to call your mom in New Mexico?” Carson replied affirmatively. “Oh no, not New Mexico,” the friend said. “But don’t you have a nationwide plan?” Carson asked. “New Mexico is the state right next to Arizona.” The answer? “Yeah, I have a nationwide plan, but no New Mexico!” Carson simply handed back the phone and gave her pal a big hug—bless her heart.


A few readers of Kiplinger’s Personal Finance magazine wrote to inform us that the saguaro cacti of Arizona and Mexico continue to wander. A recent issue showed an illustrated map with a giant saguaro floating over New Mexico.

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