A resident of greater Boston, BETSY MILLANE wrote to chronicle the struggle she encountered while trying to send an expedited package through the United States Postal Service. When she inquired as to the fastest way to get it to New Mexico, the clerk replied, “New Mexico? You need to go through customs.” Fortunately for Betsy, another clerk used their bean and assured the coworker it would be delivered—customs paperwork not required.


While traveling back to New Mexico from a company meeting in San Diego, MAVOURNEEN BACA was using her phone’s navigational app for guidance. But as the Portales resident was traveling I-10 between Lordsburg and Deming, her phone alerted her: “Welcome to Mexico. For full details on your international travel plan, please contact your Accounting Administration. Enjoy your trip.”  It’s a good thing Mavourneen knew her way around “New” Mexico, or her GPS may have never gotten her home.


At the end of a flight back from Florida with his daughter, Stanley resident BOB UPSHAW couldn’t suppress a crocodile smile. After the plane landed in Albuquerque, Upshaw overheard another passenger ask a curious question. “Do people drink the water here?” a male passenger inquired. Someone replied, “Yes, but I don’t.” As Upshaw and his daughter stared at each other in disbelief, his daughter turned and responded, “I hope you remembered your passport.” We hope he did, too.

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