The Baffling Barista

Jim and Linda Grover set out on a road trip from their home in Bellevue, Washington, to the Land of Enchantment, a beloved destination of theirs. Several hours into the drive, they stopped at a Starbucks for coffee. When a young barista asked how their day was going, Linda responded enthusiastically that they were headed for New Mexico, and more specifically Santa Fe, their “happy place.” The employee nodded knowingly, sharing that Cancún was her mom’s favorite place in New Mexico—so warm and sunny! Jim and Linda politely thanked her, grabbed their drinks, and scrammed. No point in continuing that conversation.

It Starts Early

Although Heather Fredrickson and her family reside in Gilbert, Arizona, her husband, Scott, grew up in Animas, New Mexico, an unincorporated community in the southwestern corner of the state. This biographical fact on his father’s side has confused the couple’s nine-year-old son, Finn. When he was asked to complete a survey about his heritage, the boy indicated he was of Mexican descent. To quote a phrase commonly heard in Arizona, New Mexico, and Mexico, “¡Ayiyi!

Touch and (No) Go

Albuquerque resident Glen Rosales was using the SeatGeek app on his phone, looking to buy tickets to an NFL home game for the Arizona Cardinals. When he clicked to purchase them, he learned—multiple times—that his credit card was linked to a foreign account. Eventually, another app allowed him to buy the ticket, but talk about “pass” interference.

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