Jon Jackson, who lives in Albuquerque, sent in a whopper that belongs only in virtual reality. When his Google Pixel 3 XL phone battery failed a few years back, he sent Google a message to see if they’d replace it. Their reply? You guessed it: They were happy to honor his warranty, but could not send the phone internationally. Frustrated, Jackson suggested—to Google!—that they Google “New Mexico” in addition to “continental United States.”

Sunshine State of Mind

Fort Lauderdale resident Lisa Wojcik keeps a vacation apartment in Albuquerque and hoped to vote in a Florida election from it. But her absentee ballot never arrived. On a trip home, she found a letter from the Broward County supervisor of elections stating it had been returned as undeliverable, rendering it invalid. Wojcik went to the office to clear up the matter, and an employee airily told her that international overseas mail was often the culprit of such mishaps. Wojcik patiently explained that New Mexico was located between Arizona and Texas. With that, the employee ruled she was ineligible for absentee voting altogether and would need to go, in person, to an early-voting or regular polling place—in Fort Lauderdale. “Ooookey dokey,” Wojcik replied.

I Shop, Therefore I Am?

A few readers told us that despite their in-state stores, Albertsons Market won’t allow online rewards customers to select “New Mexico.” We did a test. On the otherwise alphabetical drop-down menu, we’re inexplicably listed second, behind Texas. We’re not missing, we’re just out of order!

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