Above: Illustration by Chris Philpot.

You know how when you’re texting on a smartphone, little emojis pop up as suggested inserts—like a birthday cake appears when you type “birthday” or fireworks show up if you type “July 4”? Timothy Carr of San Diego, California, says he was texting a friend recently and when he wrote “New Mexico,” an emoji for the Mexican flag popped up. ¡Ole!

John Fleming may live in Seattle now, but he grew up in Peñasco, so he knows a thing or two about New Mexico. For 35 years, his parents lived across the ditch from the Mabel Dodge Luhan House, in Taos. Fleming visited it a few years back and, while there, purchased a copy of Luhan’s book Edge of Taos Desert. He easily recognized Luhan and her husband, Tony, on the cover, but couldn’t figure out what that mountain was behind them. “It’s not our beloved Taos Mountain,” he said, before it hit him: “That’s Mount Whitney, in California.” What’s worse? The book was published by the University of New Mexico Press.

John and Martha Spence recently hosted his Seattle-based sister, Deb Schiro, in their Rio Rancho home. When she returned, she was talking with friends about her trip. After several visits, she’s a big fan. And even though she doesn’t live here, she snagged a “Missing” moment. One friend said she had never been to New Mexico and knew nothing about it. “Surely you have heard of Santa Fe,” Deb said. “ Well, yes,” the friend answered, “but I thought it’s in Arizona.”

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