Illustration by Chris Philpot

Oh, No, Flo!
Andy Robertson was perplexed. The Albuquerque resident received a bit of snail mail from Progressive, home of the chipper insurance spokeswoman Flo, who always seems ready to control every situation. Emblazoned on the envelope, though, was an image of a saguaro cactus next to this message: “Enjoy Big Savings in the Land of Enchantment.” Flo, Flo, Flo, don’t you know? Saguaros only grow in Arizona and Mexico.

Horse of Another Country
Marcia and Steve Clevenger of Guthrie, Oklahoma, got an Apple News alert titled “10 Other Horse Films to Watch If You Liked Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron. One of the suggestions was 2014’s 50 to 1:This film starts with a focus on some cowboys from Mexico who find themselves with a horse that has qualified for the Kentucky Derby. It then follows the story of a horse called Mine That Bird who fought to become a winner against all odds.” Cowboys from Mexico? “Mark Allen and Doc Blach and the folks at Double Eagle Ranch in Roswell might be surprised to learn that they are caballeros,” the couple said.

Into the Wild Blue Yonder
Numerous readers alerted us to the June issue of Air Force Magazine and its state-by-state list of U.S. Air Force bases. Each state’s name was preceded by a drawing of its shape. New Mexico sat alphabetically between New Jersey and New York. But instead of our bootheeled image perching next to our name, it fell smack-dab on top of the “New,” blocking it and thereby implying that the Cannon, Kirtland, and Holloman bases belong to Mexico.

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