Stephen F. Austin University recently issued a news release headlined “New Mexico artist wins first in Texas National.” The release went on to say that winning photographer Daniel Shannon-Lier lives in “Phoenix, New Mexico.” Certainly his photograph, Grassland Moonset, Gila National Forest, was taken in New Mexico, but Phoenix is, of course, in Arizona (as is Shannon-Lier). The release successfully located second-place winner Serena Stevens in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

While covering the National Park Service’s centennial, the Today show visited White Sands National Monument in early May. The story drew social-media howls after New York–based anchor Savannah Guthrie said the monument is in Mexico. Geri Johnson, a Texas resident with New Mexico roots, wrote on our Facebook page: “Those Today show TV people over there in York, England, should do some fact checking before they go on the air and talk about places they don’t know about. Surprise! New Mexico is an actual state located in the USA. … New York? Where’s that?”

Oregon resident Joseph 
Padilla was born and raised 
in New Mexico, so he knows 
a thing or two about our former governors. In May, he 
was watching CNN and saw an on-screen graphic about Gary Johnson, the Libertarian presidential candidate. Alas, the graphic said that Johnson served his gubernatorial 
terms in ... Nevada.

Rich Kruse lives in Illinois, but loves New Mexico—especially because his daughter resides in Clovis. While getting ready for a trip to visit her, he went to renew a medical prescription and suggested that the pharmacist transfer it to Clovis, New Mexico. “We don’t have any Walgreens down there,” she told him—you know, down there in Mexico.

Sam Deck, a Rio Rancho resident, was reading a past issue of American Archaeology magazine when he happened upon a story about the Carter Ranch Pueblo, a Chaco/Mogollón site that, as the article said, is located east of Snowflake, Arizona. But on the second page, a handy locator map placed it 
a tad too far east—in Clovis. 
“I did not realize I resided in Arizona,” Deck said.

While mailing a graduation card from Springfield, Missouri, to Rio Rancho, Isabelle Becker’s mother forgot to add a zip code. The postal clerk helpfully offered to look it up on the computer, but couldn’t find the largest suburb in Albuquerque. When her mom called her for help, Isabelle told her the zip code. Mom not only wrote it on 
the envelope, but added “USA” before giving it to 
the clerk. “Now we always add ‘USA’ when we mail to New Mexico,” Isabelle said.

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