When Tony Sanchez, of Española, first reported for duty at the Naval Submarine School in Groton, Connecticut, the captain, who liked to personally greet every new sailor, called Sanchez into his office. The first thing he asked Sanchez was, “Where is home?” When Sanchez said, “New Mexico,” the captain asked, “How did you get in our Navy?”

Tour Bust

To celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary, Pat and Ernie Dunn booked a cruise from England to the western-Mediterranean countries of Spain, Italy, and France. Shortly after boarding the ship, they were given an envelope with tickets for each tour and a brief note regretfully informing them that their Spanish-speaking tour scheduled for Barcelona had been canceled. Strangely enough, they had never requested the tour—they aren’t fluent in Spanish. When they went to correct the misunderstanding, they discovered that the person who had processed the tour requests had made the change as a courtesy to the couple, given that they were from “Mexico” and obviously Spanish speakers.

Cliff's Notes

Las Cruces native Betty Butler tuned in to a radio show of Fox News’s Fox and Friends that had as its topic “What is the fiscal cliff?” Her ears perked up when she heard that one of the people answering on air was from New Mexico. She couldn’t believe what next came out of the radio host’s mouth: “That’s the problem. We should be asking Americans, not New Mexicans.” Fiscal cliff is a “term that has been around less than a year,” she noted, yet he didn’t seem to know that New Mexico is a U.S. state, and has been for over 100 years.

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