“REFLEXOLOGY IS THE CLOSEST THING TO MAGIC,” says Cheri Crane. At her Datura Therapeutic Day Spa in downtown Silver City, for the past 22 years, Crane has applied what a Japanese master taught her about directing ki—or life force—for physical and mental balance. She also provides facials, pedicures, and body treatments. “Silver City has a vibration that’s supposed to be healing,” says Crane, who hikes for stress relief and attends yoga classes at the Lotus Center of Silver City. In between spa treatments, she says, a little self-care goes a long way, so she shared some advice.

Hydrate. Dry skin is the most common complaint Crane addresses while serving clients in New Mexico’s high-desert environment. Prevent scales by drinking more water. “We need close to a gallon every day,” the practitioner says. Also, moisturize regularly, exfoliating first. “You need to remove those cells on the surface of the skin so moisturizer and serums can penetrate,” she says.

Block UV rays. “We’re supposed to reapply sunscreen every two hours,” Crane says.

Treat damage. For Crane, topical vitamins and antioxidants are a must for skin care. “We’ve got places around here that make great products,” she says. “They have to be noncomedogenic.”

Use plants. “Eat what your heritage is,” she says. While her spa’s namesake plant is associated with medicine and magic, Crane says, “I don’t ever use datura because it can be poisonous.” She does use other local ingredients, though. “Juniper is good for a cleansing treatment,” she says. “Lavender is a relaxation-oriented one.”

Nurture the body. “We’re hiking, biking, mining, ranching,” Crane says. “With that comes physical stress. Reflexology supports the muscles and flow of circulation.” Crane also suggests using arnica, a plant extract known to help soothe aching muscles.

Don’t forget the mind. Crane recommends taking a class or exploring a new topic.

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