JENN YI PAYS HOMAGE to her Korean birth in a delicious and authentic line of Seoul Food Kimchi that uses produce sourced from farms in Albuquerque’s South Valley. For nine years, Mi Young’s Farm kimchi has tickled the taste buds of avid buyers at farmers’ markets in Santa Fe and Albuquerque. Her product line has grown to seven varieties ranging from mild to extra spicy, including a vegan version and one that boasts green chile (prices start at $9 for a nine-ounce jar). She uses a traditional fermenting method grounded in a minimum 72-hour curing and includes daikon radish, cabbage, and cucumber. The sour-and-spicy topping sparks up burgers and grilled cheese sandwiches—but also kimchi pancakes. Remember: Fermented foods are good for the gut, and as Yi puts it, “kimchi is great for the Seoul.”

Mi Young's Farm

Look for Mi Young’s Farm Seoul Food Kimchi at the Santa Fe Farmers’ Market and in Albuquerque at the Downtown Growers’ Market, Rail Yards Market, and Los Poblanos Farm Shop.