Above: Shihan Fine Knives are rustic but elegant. Photograph by Douglas Merriam.

SHEHAN PRULL has worked with metals since he was 12 years old, first studying under Santa Fe artist Tom Joyce. In 2006, he apprenticed at Ashi Hamono, in Sakai, Japan, learning techniques like shou sugi ban, a way of charring wood, used on the white ash knife handles here. He borrows from various traditions, creating what he calls “a Japanese interpretation of a European kitchen knife.” He recommends the smaller “petty knife” (from $350) for cutting things like fruit and the larger “gyuto” (from $500) for chopping on boards.  —Maria Manuela 

Shehan Prull also makes gardening tools and outdoor knives. Peruse his products at shihanfineknives.com or peek into his process on his Instagram: @shihanfineknives