THE TINY TOWN of Dixon, in northern New Mexico, grows some of the tastiest apples in the state, which inspired Loretta Sandoval to turn luscious local cider into her Cañoncito Apple Cider Vinegar. Sandoval, who also breeds plants and conserves seeds in her Zulu’s Petal’s Farm agri-business, combs her seven-acre orchard for heirloom fruit to transform into an organic elixir adored by chefs and home cooks. Its unique taste comes from an eight-month aging process and a blend of three varieties: Grimes Golden, Gravenstein, and Stayman winesap. Use it to tenderize meat and in sauces and dressings (perhaps on a cabbage-apple coleslaw?). Or drink a straight shot for the detox and energy-boosting punch of its concentrated malic acid. Pucker up!

Purchase a 6.3-ounce bottle of Cañoncito Apple Cider Vinegar ($18) by emailing Loretta Sandoval or in person at the Farm Shop at Los Poblanos Historic Inn & Organic Farm.