Above: A bag of Colombia roast from Máquina Coffee Roasters. Photograph by
Douglas Merriam.

Sky Coffee, in Santa Fe, stocks Altos de los Santos beans gently prepped by Máquina Coffee Roasters after being grown and harvested in the mountains of Corquín, Honduras. Herminio Perdoma’s farm includes fruit trees and evergreens that help shade his coffee beans and attract local fauna. Máquina’s roasting imparts hints of honey, almond, and caramel that come through no matter how you brew it. But it’s super yummy when brewed in a French press. A 12-ounce bag costs $18.

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Sky Coffee hand pick roasters who add diversity, sustainability, and a decidedly personal connection to their craft. Máquina Coffee Roasters' 12-ounce bags are available at Sky Coffee or through a subscription service.