Outdoor blessings abound in and around Gallup. As a fourth-generation Gallup resident and co-founder of the nonprofit Red Rock Motorsports Club, Greg Kirk champions the area’s opportunities for everything from hiking and biking to motorsports. Through partnerships with the City of Gallup and other organizations, Red Rock Motorsports Club has developed an off-highway vehicle and motocross park on Hasler Valley Road and has helped to attract over $600,000 in trail development and amenities. “Gallup is steeped in history, culture, and adventure,” Kirk says. “Seeing it as an off-roader, mountain biker, and hiker has allowed me to capture the true beauty and essence of our land.” As a longtime board member of Adventure Gallup and Beyond, a nonprofit that advocates for quality-of-life improvements supported by outdoor recreation, Kirk has worked to improve access to hiking, biking, rock climbing, and equestrian activities. He also assists in the removal of litter from roads and the community through Keep Gallup Clean and Beautiful.,

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