Above: Get dolled up for high tea at St. James Tearoom. Courtesy of St. James Tearoom.

Slip into a world of beauty and grace at the St. James Tearoom’s high tea, a two-hour culinary experience with food and hot steeped beverages.

Deep notes of traditional breakfast teas dance with exotic fruity scents and bright floral canopies wafting from dainty teacups, capped with the sweet aroma of dessert teas, all of which can be bought from the tearoom’s shop for cozy at-home enjoyment. Those are paired with a full-course meal, served bit by bit on elegant three-tiered trays of light pastry crusts, homemade fruit curds, and traditional cucumber and watercress sandwiches.

Every few weeks, the decadent atmosphere in the tearoom changes, boasting new theme-based menus like “Recipes from the Wizarding World” and “A Masked Autumn Ball.”

Call the tearoom at least 48 hours in advance, or make a reservation through its website. As we shake off winter and welcome spring, what could be better than afternoon tea?

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St. James Tearoom
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