Winter Warmth
Contributing writer Andrew Collins has driven just about every back road in the state and visited virtually every village with a post office. A former resident of Santa Fe and Albuquerque, he now divides his time between Mexico City and Oregon but returns to New Mexico several times a year in search of both old and new diversions—including the holidays. “I used to live just off Canyon Road, and the Christmas Eve Farolito Walk still feels completely special to me every time,” he says. More recently, he’s become a fan of the Bugg Lights at Belén’s Harvey House Museum

Giving NM and Books
Moving to New Mexico in 2005, New Yorker Inga Hendrickson thought she’d stay for a summer. Smitten by big skies, changing weather, and welcoming people, she stayed to create a niche for her photography work with Outside magazine, Los Angeles Magazine, Bleacher Report, the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum, and others. The child of a Norwegian and an East Texan, she married a native New Mexican. Their seven- and three-year-old daughters have thus “inherited quite a melting pot of holiday traditions. New Year’s has to have Norwegian vafler [waffles] in the morning, black-eyed peas and collard greens for lunch, and we finish it off, of course, with posole for dinner."

When not traveling and living around the world in pursuit of interesting stories and excellent food, Peter BG Shoemaker writes features and reviews for New Mexico Magazine and oversees its digital marketing, outreach, and community engagement. He also serves as the newsletter editor, runs the photo contest, and writes copy on behalf of our advertisers. His favorite holiday tradition, he says, is “bending the laws of physics to get a 20-pound bird into a 15-pound oven, and making sure everyone has enough cheer to wait around for it to cook.” Next stop: Early next year, he moves to the Caucasus, the birthplace of wine.