Chief Executive Officer
Something untangles in my head when I catch my first glimpse of the Organ Mountains,” says Las Cruces native Carolyn Graham, who recently joined the staff of New Mexico Magazine. After earning a journalism degree from New Mexico State University, she worked at regional and special interest magazines in Nevada and California, but fondly recalled a youth spent tromping through desert ghost towns and dipping her hands in cattle tanks beneath whirring windmills. Graham and her husband, Steve (a Lovington native), are eager to show their two children a few New Mexico skills, including the fine art of maintaining honey-free hands while eating sopaipillas.

Ghosts of the Río Puerco & Whole Hog
For contributing photographer Steven St. John, catching the light as the sun rises elevates nice photographs into magical moments. “That’s one of the many reasons I love a matanza: The work always begin before dawn.” Finding that light with Nasario García took a smidgen of wheedling. “He had suggested starting comfortably in the mid-morning, and I told him I would to prefer to be there earlier. I’m grateful he was willing to accommodate me.” St. John continues to seek the great light all around New Mexico, his home state. See more of his work at

High Fashion, Higher Good
Albuquerque-based photographer Sergio Salvador moved to Albuquerque from the Bay Area, by way of Portugal, when he was five years old. He still lives with his wife and sons in the UNM area, where he grew up and where his mother taught anthropology. Meeting the Etkie artists and their ethics-minded founder was a highlight for him—and for his wife, who came to love the jewelry. “I’ve always felt a deep connection to downtown Albuquerque, so seeing a great operation like Etkie put roots down there feels right.” Learn more about him and his work at