Wild Turkeys, Thingamabobs & the Rockets’ Red Glare
Colorado native Will Grant has worked from Alaska to Northern California and Texas, where he leased a ranch and trained horses before diving into journalism. Since 2010, he’s lived in Santa Fe, where he appreciates the tree-lined acequias, unpopulated horizons, and mingling of cultures. As for helping Farmington’s Tommy Bolack blow things up, the seasoned cowboy says, “I hadn’t been around dynamite or fireworks material before. The lethality of it all was not lost on me, and part of why he likes messing with the stuff is because it’s dangerous.”

Wild Turkeys, Thingamabobs & the Rockets’ Red Glare
Freelance photographer Jen Judge travels the world for publications that include National Geographic, Outside, and Rolling Stone magazines. But New Mexico, where she lives, still manages to surprise her. “Tommy Bolack is just one of those rare finds,” she says. “I’ve passed through Farmington a dozen times, never suspecting that just off the beaten path is this gem. We toured the grounds together, and just when I thought I’d seen everything, we’d round a bend to be faced with another wow. Sometimes the most exotic destinations can be right in your backyard, filled with the most unusual characters and cultural experiences.”

Contributing Copy Editor
Each month, copy editor Will Palmer catches our dangling modifiers and polices the spellings of all the New Mexico names he’s familiar with from eight years living in Santa Fe. A former editor at Outside, Esquire, and Men’s Journal magazines, he went back to his home state of Arizona so he could freelance for book publishers and New Mexico Magazine from his backyard, alongside his pet Sonoran desert tortoise, Winifred. But he still misses New Mexico’s “proud local cuisine, charmingly quirky people, and idyllic summer days—all harder to come by in southern Arizona.”