White Sands National Park, photograph by Richard Larsson, second place winner.

We are pleased to present the winners of the 20th Annual New Mexico Magazine Photography Contest in the Mobile category. The winning images reflect the wonder and beauty in the land, people, and experiences all around us.

Issa-Hand Stories, Photograph by Cynthia Whitney-Ward, New Mexico Magazine

1st Place:

Issa-Hand Stories, Cynthia Whitney-Ward 

Santa Fe-based photographer Cynthia Whitney-Ward photographed this winning portrait of Issa, an artist and advocate for social justice. The photographer captured the artist mirroring the photograph he is standing in front of. "Issa is amazing," says Whitney-Ward, "a political cartoonist, social justice artist/advocate, and humanitarian. He’s originally from Cameroon, but his home is now in Santa Fe."

White Sands National Park, Photograph by Richard Larsson, New Mexico Magazine

2nd Place:

White Sands National Park, Richard Larsson

“This was a special trip to try to capture the sun through the hazy skies among the sand dunes," says photographer Richard Larsson of Las Cruces. "A fellow photographer offered to drive us out from Las Cruces; otherwise I never would have gotten this capture. I had a minor injury occur on a previous photography trip that made it difficult for me to drive or even walk the sand dunes. Because of that, I could only wander maybe 50 feet away from the parking lot for this picture.” 

Tres Cruces, Photograph by Robert Tichacek, New Mexico Magazine

3rd Place:

Tres Cruces, Robert Tichacek 

Photographer Robert Tichacek, of Santa Fe, captured this winning image of three crosses in the lobby of Hotel St. Francis in Santa Fe. "This photo is of a staircase located just off of and behind the lobby of the Saint Francis Hotel in downtown Santa Fe," says Tichacek. "Somewhat tucked away, it is not readily apparent to any except those actually heading to a room above. I live in Cerrillos, and have long appreciated the spartan and austere, yet elegant simplicity of the hotel’s lobby. This staircase, in my mind, represents an almost hidden delight, available only to those who take the time to seek and explore."

Sheltered Adventure, Photograph by Nancy Haseman, New Mexico Magazine

Honorable Mention:

Sheltered Adventure, Nancy Haseman

Photographer Nancy Haseman of Rio Rancho captured this beautiful moment exploring the bosque around Albuquerque. "Especially during COVID-19, it was so wonderful to see a mother and her child out exploring the bosque around Albuquerque," says Haseman. "I felt the trees did shelter them (those cottonwoods are sooo tall); and I felt they were on a true mother and child adventure!"


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