New Mexico 2022, (above), Ryle Yazzie

"A friend and I decided to take a mushroom growing class provided by NMFungi. Toward the end of class, Estevan Hernandez, the owner, brought out different specimens of mycelium mushrooms. The mushrooms he brought out were at the end stages of fruiting and ready to puck and cook. There were golden oysters, black pearls, and blue oysters. It was the blue oysters that immediately caught my attention. The blue oysters fruiting reminded me of trumpets or an orchestra. It was nature's grand stage in such a small form. I didn’t have the normal professional camera equipment I normally carry, but I had my iPhone. Estevan carried on with the class introducing other specimens, but I stood over the blue oysters gazing and studying. As the class continued, I was hypnotized by nature's architecture and structure in the mycelium’s gills and caps. I took the photo keeping the idea of structure, architecture, trumpets, and orchestra in mind." —Ryle Yazzie

Mobile category second place winner: Saddling Drego, Amber Rodgers


Saddling Drego, Amber Rodgers

Mobile category 3rd place winner: Flying High, Jonathan Carlson


Flying High, Jonathan Carlson

"A cold, windy day at White Sands National Park led to a series of adventure shots with my two young girls, Kaya, 7, and Sierra, 5. We spent the afternoon sledding and jumping around from dune to dune. With the light of the sky and the timing just right, I took this photo of Kaya as she took off from a sand dune. We live in Albuquerque, and we were staying in Ruidoso for the weekend." –Jonathan Carlson

Mobile category honorable mention: Rabbit’s Ears, Bob Hamre


Rabbit’s Ears, Bob Hamre

"I was taking my usual morning walk with my dog on an especially frosty morning in a neighborhood on the East Mesa area of Las Cruces. The sun was barely breaking over the Organ Mountains and spreading a very light glow to the slightly frosted plants on the mesa. Almost immediately, I came upon this splendid example of a bunny ears cactus with its glochids just slightly dusted with frost. The white of the glochids were in sharp contrast to the much darker green pods and the distinctive patterns jumped to life. I knew immediately it was a good photo opportunity, but my only camera was on my ancient iPhone 7. I took several photos then hurried home to get my large camera gear. By the time I returned, the frost had melted, the light was harsh, and the opportunity was gone. It really confirms the old adage that the best camera you have is the one that’s with you!" –Bob Hamre

Adobe Corners, John Chiodo


Adobe Corners, John Chiodo

"I am a new resident of Santa Fe as of the fall of 2019. The photo was taken, ironically, of the front of our home over the entry, here in Santa Fe. The abstract geometry of this fragment of the house has always intrigued me, and I have photographed many versions of it in different lighting situations and angles. I say that it is ironic that you selected this because I have spent the last three years exploring and photographing the backcountry of New Mexico, jeeping, and hiking up, down, and across mountains, canyons, plateaus, and all sorts of remote areas, accumulating hundreds of photos. And here we have the photo of the front of my house, ten steps from my front door! Pretty funny. Well, maybe next time I'll find that particular expression of this glorious landscape that will make the cut. Until then, I'm thrilled to have this shot make it in as a finalist." –John Chiodo

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