The Stare Down, (above), Bobby Gutierrez

"This photo was taken in the Barelas neighborhood of Downtown Albuquerque during a cruise night where local custom car clubs line Fourth Street with beautifully detailed cars, motorcycles, and bicycles. I was walking near the center of the road and noticed this young man riding his lowrider bicycle with numerous motorcycles behind him. I decided to use the motorcycle lights to add drama to the scene. As you can see, his stare was not impacted by me or my camera. I was born and raised in New Mexico and I have been documenting custom car culture and other cultural celebrations since I was a teenager as a participant and photographer." —Bobby Gutierrez

Envelope Repair, Bryce Risley2ND PLACE

Envelope Repair, Bryce Risley

“Jared Scutt and David Eichhorn are certified balloon repairmen and members of Albuquerque’s hot-air ballooning community. They are standing inside a partially inflated hot-air balloon envelope, inspecting a torn panel. The damage was sustained when the envelope snagged on a tree branch while the pilot was landing. The size of the tear will necessitate replacing the entire panel.” –Bryce Risley

Two Laguna Pueblo Girls, Being Girls, Shannon Stevens3RD PLACE

Two Laguna Pueblo Girls, Being Girls, Shannon Stevens

"This photo was taken at Laguna Pueblo this summer. I was photographing the young sisters and gave them some bubble gum. As they got comfortable, the stoic went away and the silliness showed up. The joy of kids being kids." –Shannon Stevens

Companionship, Shawn ThomasHONORABLE MENTION

Companionship, Shawn Thomas

"It was early on a cold winter morning after an overnight snowfall when I took a stroll with my dog, Franklin, on one of the beautiful Bosque trails that run along the Río Grande winding through Albuquerque. After greeting and exchanging condolences over the cold weather with another patron and his canine companion, I looked back along the trail and took this image. I recall thinking that my view of them walking into the distance together told a story, and their story was also mine and Franklin’s: companionship." –Shawn Thomas


Gruff, Landry Major

"I made this portrait of Gruff, who is a wrangler, when I was visiting Clint Mortenson's ranch in Santa Fe. They were doing a day of roping and the local cowboys came to rope. I have visited New Mexico several times to photograph working ranches for my series "Keepers of the West," about the small family-owned ranches in the American West. This print is an archival silver gelatin print, which I think reflects the historic nature of ranching." –Landry Major


For the seventh consecutive year, Tularosa Basin Gallery of Photography, in Carrizozo, will host an exhibit featuring the winners. The opening weekend, January 27–29, includes artist appearances and refreshments. As the largest photo gallery in the state, Tularosa Basin Gallery features the work of more than 35 New Mexico photographers Friday through Sunday and by appointment. photozozo.org