White Sands, Richard Larsson (above)

"It was an about-mile hike into the park, capturing the curve of a wind-swept dune hidden amidst a sea of gypsum sand." —Richard Larsson

Old Corral, Valle Vidal, Brian VanDenzen


Old Corral, Valle Vidal, Brian VanDenzen

“The morning sun begins to burn off the fog above an old corral in Valle Vidal, giving the sky a smoky, tobacco color. Valle Vidal means ‘little place of life.’ It is a place of abundance, filled with native cutthroat trout, elk, coyote, eagles, badgers, mountain lions, and bears. It’s a place of remarkable beauty and solitude.” Brian VanDenzen

The Mothership,  David Turning


The Mothership, David Turning

"While storm chasing with friends in eastern New Mexico, we watched this storm develop in front of us, and then the chase was on. We headed south of Tucumcari, looking for an exciting spot to keep us in front of this supercell and safe; just before sunset, we found this location. After piling out of the vehicle, I quickly framed this image, and as the setting sun lit up the sky, I was able to capture this photogenetic supercell." David Turning

Snow-capped, Pam Dorner


Snow-capped, Pam Dorner

"I was on the fence about shooting sunset that night as it was bitterly cold and cloudy. Even though the chance of sunset wasn't strong, I decided to search for wildlife. As I looked in and around the bosque for any movement, I noticed the clouds were starting to break up over the mountains. I headed quickly to the river and witnessed one of the most glorious sunsets. It started golden and turned into beautiful shades of pink." Pam Dorner


For the eighth consecutive year, Tularosa Basin Gallery of Photography, in Carrizozo, will host an exhibit featuring the winners. The opening weekend, January 27-28, includes artist appearances and refreshments. As the largest photo gallery in the state, Tularosa Basin Gallery features the work of more than 40 New Mexico photographers Friday through Sunday and by appointment.